Living By Faith

We live in a crazy, evil world today.  It is hard to keep the faith, when so much around us seems to falling apart.  With ISIS terrorists, Ferguson Missouri, a dysfunctional Washington, D. C. and state governments in complete chaos, we wonder when life when faith will enter our lives.
The good news here is that faith has never left us. If we in the Judeo/Christian faith keep our eyes on Jesus, our world intrusion in our lives can not destroy us.
On the day of Pentecost, Act 2, Jesus gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit to sustain us in our faith.  God created us, Jesus redeemed us and the Holy Spirit sustains us, to keep us in right living.  It is through the Holy Spirit that living by faith becomes a normal part of our lives, and which allows us to put aside worldly stuff and take up our cross and follow our Lord Jesus Christ.
Keep the faith.  Live by Faith.
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