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We believe in not only hearing the word of God, but doing the word of God. Below, you will find a selection of ministries available through our church and invite you to explore and get involved in them!


Students are not just our future, but our very real present. They are a gift to our church and as such, we believe strongly in investing in them. From our all-ages Bible studies to VBS and 316, our youth group, we are excited to witness the growth of our students in Christ. We cannot wait to include YOUR student in our ministries!


4 Carlyle

In the Summer of 2019, a vision became reality with the adoption of our ministry, Caring 4 Carlyle. The goal of this ministry is to provide meals for children in our local school district who might otherwise go without food. During the school year, 2 meals per day are sent to children's homes for each day they are not in school. During the summer months, 3 days worth of food is sent home every week to supply for the needs of our children.

Our community here in Carlyle has been an instrumental part of this ministry as we receive, bag, and distribute meals.

If you'd like to help or to know more, please contact us!

Donated food items need to be in individual serving sizes. Needed items:


Ramen Noodles

Mac & Cheese

Pasta meals


Fruit Cups

Slim Jims



Breakfast Bars


Marriage is not just a promise made between a man and a woman, but between two people and God. From the earliest planning to the "I do's," we will help you in this lifelong commitment. If you are contemplating marriage, we would be overjoyed to be included in your special day!

Pastoral Support.jpg

Pastoral Support

Life throws a fair number of curve balls to us. From lost jobs to relationship issues, it can be difficult to juggle all the demands in your life. When you encounter a crisis, we believe you should not go through it alone. Pastor Rena would be more than happy to provide assistance as you navigate difficult situations. Please, do not be afraid to reach out for help!

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